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Established in September 2017, BLLOONS takes pride in being the first luxury balloonery company in Manila that specializes in producing unique and remarkable balloon arrangements. After revamping the bouquet scene with the inception of luxury boxed blooms, the same team behind Petalier is now moving ahead to conquer the balloon industry by upgrading the look and redefining the purpose of traditional balloon installation.

From a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes, BLLOONS offers a wide range of concepts for all occasions. Clients have the option to avail of the Signature BLLOONS Collection (custom made designs) or have their own concepts realized through the BLLOONS Bar, where clients can make their own balloon designs and even personalize them with messages or logos fitted for the purpose and occasion.

With a fabulously different take on balloons, BLLOONS vows to keep the feeling of happiness as when children receive traditional string-drawn balloons, while offering a unique and beautiful way to celebrate special occasions and milestones.

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