The following terms and conditions govern your purchase from Petalier Inc.
Please read these provisions in FULL before proceeding with payment of your order, which implies acceptance of ALL these terms.

For Delivery

1. We strongly suggest for the order to be delivered or picked up the same day it will be used to ensure that the arrangement will be in its optimum. Please be advised that due to the nature of our products, expect that the quality will recede after 12-24 hours. You may see the list below for the estimated lifespan of each item in satisfactory quality :

  • Fresh Flowers: 2-3 days with proper care (total wither will gradually happen thereafter, please follow the care card tips included in each flower arrangement that we deliver)
  • Helium Jumbo Latex Balloons: 1-2 days indoors, but it can stay afloat up to 5 days depending on the environment.
  • Helium Petite & Grand Latex Balloons: 6-18 hours
  • Helium Grand & Jumbo Bubble Balloons: 6-18 hours
  • Helium Mini Bubble Balloons: 6 hours
  • Kindly note that it is also possible for the custom sticker print on the balloon to gradually detach after 6-12 hours.
  • Please be informed that some balloons are expected to deflate faster than others. This is normal due to the porous material of balloons, causing them to slowly become smaller overtime. Kindly refer to Terms and Conditions Number 13 and 14 for any concerns related to this.

2. We deliver between 9:00AM to 3:00PM daily for orders placed and confirmed at least two days in advance(However,  for same day and next day deliveries, we cannot guarantee morning deliveries, it is possible that delivery will be between 1:00PM to 8:00PM.) The exact time of delivery will depend on the most optimal route and sequence in our deliveries for the day. We can advise you on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) upon request.

(EXCEPTION: during  peak seasons: week of Valentine’s Day, week of Mother’s Day, and week of Father’s Day. A different policy applies– deliveries usually fall anytime between 5:00AM to 3:00PM, In as much as we want to accommodate it, we cannot guarantee, and we do NOT accept time requests during the busiest seasons. We hope for our clients’ kind cooperation and understanding, since logistics need to be planned and prepared in advance, and in coordination with the.other customers’ orders. For a more specific delivery time during peak season, clients may opt to schedule a pick up from our pop-up store from 11:00am to 8:00pm, and deliver the bouquet personally to their recipient or book their own private delivery on their preferred time. Thank you!) 

3. Do you want to specify the exact time of your delivery? You may avail our ON TIME service for an additional fee of PHP500. The ON TIME add-on feature will prioritize your order in our delivery route for the day. The additional payment amount will cover for the necessary adjustments that we need to make to fulfill the client’s specific delivery time request. Such as, but not limited to: separate car booking, re-routing of logistics to accommodate the time request, prioritizing the order in our daily route. Please allow a one-hour leeway or window time. For instance, if preferred delivery time is at 10:00AM, expect the order to arrive either 9:00AM to 10:00AM or 10:00AM to 11:00AM. The earliest time possible for delivery is at 9:00AM. The latest is at 9:00PM for regular and express orders. To avail this special service, simply get in touch with our team directly via +632 7500 9162 / +63977 841 7738.

4 .Please be advised that the ON TIME feature is NOT available for EXPRESS same day / next deliveries, and during Valentine’s Day (February 13 – 14)Mother’s Day (Second Saturday and Sunday of May), and Father’s Day (Third Saturday and Sunday of June). Should you still proceed to paying for this add-on option, we will NOT be able to fulfill your delivery time request, and STRICTLY NO REFUND WILL BE MADE. The said amount can only be used as a future credit in our company. Kindly refrain from purchasing this feature during EXPRESS same day / next day delivery, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

5. We also offer EXPRESS same day or next day delivery for an additional fee of Php1,000. Cutoff for same-day and next-day delivery is at 11:00AM and 3:00pm, respectively. The order will automatically be scheduled in line with the said cutoff.  In this special service, the additional fee will cover the last minute expenses in rush labor, separate delivery, rush sourcing of materials needed to fulfill the rush order, among others.

6. Delivery within Metro Manila is free of charge, as long as order is placed at least 2 days in advance. However, certain rates apply for areas outside Metro Manila.  You may view our delivery rates for outside Metro Manila areas by clicking HERE.  If your desired delivery area is still not included in our list, kindly inquire through our customer service representative for the rates.

7.We will ensure smooth delivery of the product/s from our pick up point all the way to the given delivery location. However, should there be any additional charges amounting to PHP50 and above to cover for entry to specific villages or buildings, we will inform and bill the client or sender to pay for the said additional amount.

8. It is the sender’s responsibility to provide the complete delivery address (preferably with landmark) and to ensure that the recipient will be in the given address on the day of delivery. We also suggest that the sender provide an alternative contact number so that they can be notified in the event that any delivery problems occur.

9. After 15 minutes, if the delivery staff is unable to drop off the products due to problems related to the delivery, and if the sender remains unresponsive on attempts to communicate for clarification, even if the delivery is noted as a surprise, we reserve the right to contact the recipient to ask for clarifications to successfully drop off the products. If the recipient is also unable to respond after a grace period of 30 minutes, we will be postponing the delivery to a later time and prioritize other deliveries for the day. We will also be billing the client for extra cost incurred for re-delivering the item amounting to anywhere from php500-php1,500 depending on the location.

10. Where a third party is involved during delivery, such as hospitals, schools, offices, the signature of any person authorized to accept delivery on behalf of the organization shall be deemed accepted as proof that the product has been delivered.

11. While we will make every effort to ensure that delivery is made on the requested date, there may be rare circumstance that the delivery terms will not be possible. In this case, we will give prior notice and we shall either make alternative arrangements or refund your payment, if necessary.

12. ** for helium balloon orders** Please be advised that for deliveries inside malls, condominium units, hotels, restaurants, buildings, etc., we advise our clients to secure beforehand a permit from the building administration allowing the Petalier / Flairfetti personnel to deliver helium balloons inside the building. We also request that a point person be assigned so we can coordinate matters concerning your order more efficiently. Otherwise, we may respectfully hold the right to refuse accepting the order due to these administrative matters that could potentially delay service delivery and affect the quality of our products. If the order has been placed successfully but the establishment refuses to accept our helium balloon delivery, we will be billing the client for extra cost incurred for re-delivering the item amounting to anywhere from php500-php1,500 depending on the location. 

For Pick Up

13. BOOK YOUR OWN DELIVERY AHEAD OF TIME.  Our staff is NOT allowed to accept special requests to book third – party logistics, or coordinate with drivers to give step-by-step instructions on how to pick up your order.  We highly recommend to prepare and schedule to book your own courier in advance. 

14. OPT FOR AN AIR-CONDITIONED CAR / VAN ONLY. Our products are all very fragile and delicate. Motorcycles will NOT be able to conserve their freshness and will surely cause harm to the arrangement/s you ordered. **WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE NOR ISSUE A REFUND FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED BY MISHANDLING ON THE BUYER’S PART. Once the arrangement has been dispatched or released from our office or pop-up store, it automatically means that the order was accepted in good quality and condition. 

15. PROVIDE YOUR COMPLETE ORDER DETAILS AT THE PICK UP AREA. OTHERWISE, THE ARRANGEMENT/S WILL NOT BE RELEASED. The following information is required in order for our staff to release the arrangement/s: 

– Order Number 

– Client’s Name 

– Arrangement/s for Pick Up 

16.Some of our products require at least 2-3 people to properly transport them. If 1 person won’t be enough to carry the big arrangement, rest assured that our team will inform you in advance that an extra help or a porter is necessary. 

Refund and Replacement

17.Two (2) hours after the product has been delivered, we will no longer be responsible for any damage caused by mishandling on the recipient’s part.

18. For any issues related to our products, kindly report it within two (2) hours upon receipt by sending us photos for proof, so we can investigate on the incident and decide the course of action to take. If proven to be a mishandling on our part, we either replace the product or credit a refund for future purchases.

19. Due to the general nature of our products, we cannot guarantee that they will remain perfectly intact when used or installed outdoors. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse refund or replacement for any form of loss or damage due to factors caused by mishandling on the recipient’s part.

  • Balloons are easily punctured so keep them away from sharp objects, static, warm, and rough areas.
  • Fresh flowers are sensitive to heat so keep them away from direct sunlight and warm environments.


20. We ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of our products are correct at the time when information was given. We reserve the right to change the information when necessary.

21. If certain product is unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute an item of similar kind and quality.

22. If we are unable to provide your chosen item or a suitable substitution, we will inform you immediately and refund your payment, if necessary.

23. Photos shown are for reference only. Some products may not look exactly as they appear in the pictures since there’s possible alteration through image editing and lighting but we will always do our best to achieve the same style and design as it appears in our posts.

Payment and Cancellation

24. For any changes OR cancellations in your order details (such as, but not limited to: delivery date, address, flower colors, etc.), kindly inform us at least 3 days prior to the delivery date through our contact information.  Otherwise, we hold the right to REFUSE cancellations or revisions with NO REFUND.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This does not apply during peak seasons, (Valentine’s week, Mother’s Day week, Father’s Day week) wherein NO changes nor cancellations will be accepted after payment has been done.

**Should we allow any revisions in the original order details,  especially once logistics and materials have already been purchased and prepared, it is possible that there will be penalties or charges to be incurred.  Therefore, in order for us to efficiently service your gifting needs, we would like to remind our customers that when placing orders, ensure that all information provided are final and correct before proceeding to payment.

25. From the time the order has been placed, full payment must be settled within 2 days. Otherwise, the order will not be processed and all the materials originally reserved for it will automatically be cancelled. 


Force Majeure

26. In the event that we are not able to perform our obligations on the agreed delivery date because of acts of God including war, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, or any other causes outside of our reasonable control, we will notify the client immediately upon realization. If the materials have already been purchased and prepared, no refunds, will be made and the delivery will be postponed to a later date, once conditions are safer or more stable.


27. All personal information provided/disclosed by the customer/payor will remain absolutely confidential and will be used for our records purposes only. We highly respect all of our customers’ privacy and we will not be divulging any order information without our client’s consent.

28. We reserve the right to supplement and amend the Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility as a customer to review the Terms and Conditions on each transaction.

If you concur with the above mentioned Terms and Conditions, you may proceed with payment of your purchase.

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