are one of the most seasonal, premium, and delicate blooms and they are best enjoyed in their fluffiest form usually from the months of May until July.

Whenever they are out of season from August to April, we will automatically use David Austin roses instead as a substitute to peonies for the arrangements found in this catalogue.

If this has taken our breath away, chances are, it will also leave the receiver breathless. Proudly original Petalier designed floral creations we uniquely curated using a symphony of peonies and other premium kinds of blooms sourced from all over the world! All arrangements are available in mini, petite, grand, and jumbo sizes.

Make your nearest and dearest’s day brighter and clearer with
pretty peonies encased in Petalier’s acrylique boxes.

Wrap the love of your life with a warm hug through these traditional bouquets styled in modern
Petalier techniques, intricately and artistically designed to flaunt rare premium peonies!
A gift that shows how much you care.

Spring has sprung, and nothing says “Simplicity is the best
form of elegance” better than purely fresh peonies arranged
in our classic signature Petalier boxes!

For the heart and for home. This spring, we keep pushing the limits and raising the bar of floral luxury. Here are some peony designs in our floraison flower containers-which can be repurposed as home display, ready to turn your floral experience to the next level!

Whatever the season, there are always so many things to look forward to, and we are grateful to be part of each in your life.

Brighter, sunnier, and more vibrant days are on the horizon,

Petalier, Inc.