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    • Blloons Sculpture (1 to 4 Letters)


      Sculpt it your way with this BLOONS original creation that’s definitely a show-stopper!

      Step 1: Choose your main jumbo letter/s or number/s

      Step 2: Personalize the colors of your BLLOONS sculpture!

      Approximate product height: 6.5 feet tall

      **NOTE:  The environmental temperature has an effect on the quality and life span of inflated balloons. We recommend to keep them indoors and away from sharp objects, static, warm, and rough areas to avoid them from popping or being punctured. Adult supervision is required. Please dispose properly.

      Photos shown for reference are fully owned by Petalier Inc. Some products may not look exactly as they appear in pictures  due to lighting and image editing factors, but we will always do our best to achieve the same style and design as it looks in our posts. It is possible that a certain item will be out of stock on your selected delivery date and we reserve the right to offer a substitute of the similar kind and quality in the case of unavailability.

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