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    • DESIGN YOUR OWN Grand Bubble BLLOON!


      Concoct / design your very own Grand Bubble Blloon! First, choose the bubble balloon filling you’d like, be it confetti or mini balloons, or a mix of both! Next, choose your bubble balloon tail, customization print, and just like that… Voila! There you have it! Your very own personalized bubble balloon surprise!

      The Grand Bubble Blloon measures approximately 55cm  in diameter and 5.3 ft in height.

      NOTE: The lifespan of an inflated balloon will depend on the environmental temperature or weather condition, and how they are handled and transported. Photos shown are for reference only. Some products may not look exactly as they appear in the pictures since there’s possible alteration through image editing and lighting but we will always do our best to achieve the same style and design as it appears in our posts.

      Warning: Adult supervision is required. Please dispose properly.

    • Into the Blues


      Step into the blues with this Bubble balloon filled with petite balloons.

    • Nothing But Love


      Offering nothing but love for your special someone.

    • Pinkin’ About You


      Be transparent with how you feel — give them this pretty bubble Blloon to tell them you’re pinkin’ about them.

    • Silver Lining


      Every cloud has a silver lining; in our case, this Bubble Blloon has silver filling.

    • Walkin on Sunshine


      With yellow tails and fillings as bright as the sunshine, to tell your special someone how much they brighten up your life.

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