Luxurious love that never gets old must go for gold.
This collection features flower designs encased in a golden glass dome, packaged inside a majestic collapsible box.

For the love you will forever look back and forward to, these splendid roses in Petalier’s signature boxes are the finest flowers to pick.

The best kind of love is the one that takes you by surprise!
Thus, this collection featuring seasonal, innovative, and unique modern box designs will never fail to amaze the love of your life.

Woven with endearment to carry love that will stand the test of time, this collection vows to deliver warmth and tenderness for all seasons!

For the one whose embrace feels like coming home, this collection is what you need to take home. It features eternity flowers in vases and pots that can be repurposed to keep any space lovely and full of life from this day forward.

Declare your love so clear anyone can see right through with eternity roses encased in a lavish acrylique Petalier box.

Your favorite original Petalier designs still in our signature boxes, but preserved to add a certain je ne sais quoi that only flowers can give!