The Blooming Women

behind Petalier Inc. are best friends,
Diana and Lauren.

As the Chief Executive Officer, Diana is the visionary at the helm of the company. She is passionate about wanting to capture the experience of beholding elegance and beauty and making it readily available to an online market. As a florist, she began her training under the tutelage of Japanese flower artist, Dan Takeda. She also studied at the world’s top floristry school — Flower School New York — and had the chance to hone her craft interning at Designs by AHN NYC in Manhattan.
Additionally, at the Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangements, her creations were certified under the prescription of the Belgian florist, Tomas de Bruyne and the International Academy of Floristry.

Before she is the Chief Financial Officer of the company, Lauren is first and foremost the Co-Founder of Petalier and Blloons. As a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Enderun Colleges’ Entrepreneurship degree, Lauren ensured that Diane’s visions were realized
Her business organizational skills and entrepreneurial mindset were vital in lending Petalier and Blloons their tangible existence today.

Petalier’s innovations quickly made waves as a status symbol, effectively creating a signature look of its own: luxurious flower arrangements that capture the sophisticated beauty of its products.

At its very core, a Petalier makes sure to consistently provide the newest and boldest iteration of the age-old tradition of sending flowers. If sending flowers delivers a message, sending a Petalier arrangement makes a statement.

Blloons follows this same path of redefining luxury by elevating the humble balloon, turning bespoke creations out of it.

Blloons was the first to introduce customizable giant balloon installations and bouquets in Manila.

Most notably, they have the widest variety of opulent balloons to date.