Beautiful packages, masterfully delivered with utmost care. Our commitment to luxury goes beyond the creation of your gift. From production to dispatching, we work closely with our team and trusted logistics partners to ensure that your gift is delivered just the way you want it.


Add your personal touch. Opulent packages befitting the day. The only limit is your imagination. All our bespoke gifting ideas can be tailor-fit for any celebration!


Send love from miles and miles away. A limited selection of gifting ideas are available for international shipping.

What Our Clients Say


This is my 2nd time to ordering from them and they never disappoint. Petalier always makes sure that they give the best and most elegant flower arrangement. They are always accommodating and respond to your queries as soon as possible. They also give suggestions on what arrangement is best depending on the occasion. Thank you for making my girlfriend’s birthday extra special today. She loved the flowers!


They are one of the most accommodating shops I have ever dealt with. Order process was easy and delivery was smooth. My wife never had a hint of what she was about to receive on our anniversary. Not to mention the flowers were more than what I expected when I saw them firsthand. Thank you Petalier for making our anniversary this year extra special despite the pandemic. Will do business with you again soon, that's a fact. 👏👌


I am simply blown away with how nice and beautiful the flower arrangement was for my girlfriend. I have never seen such attention to detail. She loved it completely.
I owe Petalier an big apology, because I had ordered a specific 1 hr time frame delivery, between 9am and 10am, and at first, I didn't think it was delivered to the right address. The customer service lady was so professional and sweet as we communicated on Viber, even though I was wrongfully accusing them of messing everything up.
She promised to immediately contact the delivery driver to confirm everything was correct.
Sure enough, the flowers were delivered to the right address, directly to my girlfriend herself, and before 10 am, as promised.
The quality, attention to detail, professionalism, and customer service are simply the best. Petalier, you are amazing and I am so grateful that a friend recommended me to you. Worth every single penny. Thank you!
Phil Lee
Los Angeles, CA, USA


I live in the US. I was able to purchase flowers online through their website. I was really impressed how simple the process was. They accept Paypal which really put my mind at ease since this was an international transaction. Their arrangements are beautiful. My GF was very happy with her bouquet.
They provided we with updates through Viber. They even provided me a picture before the delivery. Great company!!! Even better communication. I highly recommend them.
Thank you Petalier!!


Petalier has been my go to flower shop for every special occasion. Their top notch blooms and excellent customer service are unparalleled. They’re quick to respond, flexible and very accommodating.
Since I live abroad, I sometimes don’t see the finished products unless I get a pic from the recipient, which admittedly can be easily overlooked in the midst of excitement. With Petalier though, they go above and beyond by taking a picture of your order prior to delivery and they keep you posted along the way.
It’s really hard for me to consider other suppliers when Petalier keeps on exceeding my expectations. It’s also a bonus that they keep adding little touches to their arrangements such as sweets, candles and balloons, among other things. This makes them stand out compared to other sellers out there. Little wonder it is one of the local businesses that I truly admire. You can tell how well managed it is based on how well trained the staff are. They have certainly come a long way since the first time I saw them on Kris TV when they were just starting out.
Keep up the good work, Petalier! Looking forward to many years of partnership.


I've been looking for a legit florist in the philippines and i came across petalier. Liked the arrangements, so I decided to message them through ig. Talked to jen. And she was so accommodating. Helped me put in my order and made sure that my order will make it to my girlfriend. Will definitely put more order soon.


Tried their service 3 times. The balloon arrangements are gorgeous! But the best part about them is the fast transaction even for last minute orders. They deliver on time and send an update photo right before delivery. Definitely would recommend 💖

Brian D

Ordered a customized balloon for wifey's birthday. She was clueless I have this surprise for her and never expected getting a gigantic balloon on her birthday. All of us loved it! And I call it, the balloon of love. Hehe.
The delivery was right on time in the morning to greet her start her awesome day. 🥰


☑️ Exceptional service ☑️ Exquisite product/s ☑️ Very easy to purchase ☑️ Value for money - right quality and quantity at the right price 👍🏼 I ordered a customized Blloon Flubble for my husband—- 300% DID NOT DISAPPOINT! 👏🏼 Looking forward to celebrating precious moments with Blloons 💛



Thank you so much Petalier for the 100 Roses Bouquet on Ella arrangement and the beautiful Jumbo Balloon! You guys did a great job!! Can’t ask for more!You have made my lovely and beautiful wife happy! ❤️❤️❤️
Mission accomplished!! 👍🏽
More success and Godspeed!


If you live abroad and you want to surpise the ones you love in PH, Blloons (and Petalier) is the way to go. Guaranteed quality service, from transaction to execution that goes beyond expectations.

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